The Public Association "Biomedical Engineering Society of Moldova" was founded on the 4th of June, 2009 and is a non-governmental public association, impolitic, nonprofit organization, created by the free will of associated persons, in order to achieve common goals determined in the statute.

Company purpose:

  • Supporting and promoting biomedical engineering major and science, having as result increment in human life quality and in economic and social activities
  • Supporting basic and applied research in biomedical engineering and stimulating production of new and advanced biomedical devices in the Republic of Moldova
  • Promoting biomedical engineering major in the national health system in relation to the requirements and quality standards of care
  • Protection of intellectual and patrimonial rights, professional interests of the society members
  • Establishment of high competence standards and professional ethics
  • Promoting national and international cooperation in biomedical engineering
  • Promoting efficient technologies and standardization in the field of biomedical engineering. 

 Activities to achieve:

  • Establishment of studies, strategies and directions for action and adopting concrete measures to support the development of biomedical engineering (clinical engineering and bioengineering) and biomedical technologies
  • Stimulate, support and development of programs, research and innovation projects, financial and normative research in biomedical engineering, educational activities, as well as collaborative relationships with national and international public and private institutions, initiating permanent and occasional activities and for the field affirmation
  • Establishing and developing links with governmental and non-governmental associations, national and international foundations, including companies profiled on service activities, production, training and professional development
  • Cooperation and making contracts, where appropriate, of international conventions and agreements with national or local authorities interested in research
  • Organizing and involving in developing training programs in the field, in partnership with higher education institutions or other interested organizations
  • Supporting training and professional specialization in biomedical engineering, including working with internationally recognized academics
  • Offer scientific advice and technical assistance in the field, other business services, studies, information, documentation, training, seminars, conferences, demonstrations, in order to achieve association’s aim
  • Promoting and encouraging the introduction of modern techniques and equipment, as well as introduction standards for biomedical technology
  • Activities of expertise, testing and certification for biomedical technologies
  • Supporting authorization for biomedical technologies
  • Organizing professional and scientific events on national and international level
  • Developing, editing, and distribution of necessary for scientific and technical process of the field and providing publications and information exchanges with similar organizations in the country and abroad.